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About Us

Founded in 1976, Penoyer Farms was originally a Potato Farm. The Farm adapted to its surroundings and the ever changing market, in order to fulfill new supply and demand needs we started growing Premium Alfalfa. Penoyer Farms has continued to adapt and make the improvements necessary in order to continue providing quality products to it's customers.

Our Team

We Grow With You

Brady Shortell

General Manager

Having grown up living and working on the farm, Brady Shortell knew the expectations were high when he agreed to return as an adult and began the transition of management responsibilities and overseeing the business progression. Learning new methods and technologies to implement and make things more productive, Brady has turned a new leaf for the life of the farm as a business. Brady spends the majority of his time searching new ways to keep up with the ever changing markets and striving to bring the family business into the next generation with new products and methods to ensure success.

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Donny Shortell


Donny was the man behind it all for the last 30 years. Donny helped the farm grow since 1986 when agriculture was in a low point and brought it into the next level by improving production techniques utilizing his ingenuity and hard work ethic, then took over management in 1993 propelling the business forward. Having given the better part of his life to making sure the farm thrived.There simply was no man with as much knowledge in the fields as Donny, he was a key element in making sure the day to day operations and expectations of customers are met and his contributions were numerous. As times progressed, he passed the reins to his son Brady Shortell who will honor his memory. 

Becky Shortell

Secretary/Treasurer/Human Resources

Becky Shortell runs the show from behind the scenes. From human resources, payroll, secretary and managing all the office work, this woman is the key to keeping the boys lined out. Becky Shortell has been dedicated to raising her children on the farm while making sure the company has what it needs for over 30 years she brings just as much knowledge and experience to the business as anyone could hope for.

Becky's late father Richard L. Castleton, a successful businessman from Salt Lake City was a  principal investor in the early years and her brothers Mark, Gary and Rodger broke the first ground in the late 70's during some of the most trubulet times in agriculture setting  the foundation which the business stands on top today.